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Dingo Rack Products

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is versatile, adjustable and incredibly strong. Longspan comes in a variety of lengths, heights and depths to suit your needs. We don't use chipboard or MDF – our standard shelving includes 15 mm Australian made plywood. Plywood is more suited to North Queensland's tropical climate. Longspan suits a variety of applications, including archive shelving, containers, workshops, warehouse, garage shelving, etc. We make it so easy to assemble your new shelves with our pre-assembled end frames that you require no tools.

Pallet Racking

Dingo Rack offers an extensive range of Pallet Racking to suit your industrial, warehousing, farm and workshop situations. Pallet racking is a heavy duty shelving solution, predominantly used for storing pallets or products using the full height of your warehouse or workshop to rapidly increase storage space without increasing floor area. Pallets can be stored and relocated individually to provide rapid handling and storage of goods more efficiently than increasing warehouse size. Dingo Rack keeps a wide range of sizes with varying load capacities and hardware options. We offer a no obligation, free measure and quotes in our local area – ask for one of our friendly and experienced team members to discuss the storage solution for you.


Our highly versatile and strong workbenches are made from heavy duty Longspan racking and Australian made plywood. Dingo Rack workbenches are different as we don't use chip board or MDF. Using Australian made plywood increases the strength and longevity of our products and is more suited to North Queensland's tropical climate.

Rivet Racking

Rivet Racking is a light weight, strong and adjustable shelving solution. Rivet Racking is simple to assemble and provides a cost-effective and fast way to turn your storage headache into an organised storage area. Budget shelving consists of four individual uprights with individual shelf beams per level and plywood to complete the shelves. All parts will simply lock together with the unique keyhole design ensuring a tight and secure fit. Rivet Racking is commonly used for spare parts, garden equipment, box and tool storage. This type of shelving is widely used by the budget-minded customer who is still looking for great quality shelving.

Louvre Panel

Louvre panel kits and part's boxes can be used to store anything from nuts and bolts to arts and craft. These handy bins utilize small amounts of wall space to effectively store your items in a unique and safe method. There are many different sized bins and hanging boards, depending on your situation. These bins can be placed on mobile part's trolleys so you can easily relocate your storage solution as needed. Dingo Rack louvre panel kits come in many different configurations ranging from 450 mm high to 900 mm high panels. If you already have some bins or panels, we also have available the individual items for purchase.

Cantilever Racking

Dingo Rack Cantilever is a strong and unique solution for storing long and awkward goods using the full height of your warehouse or workshop. Cantilever is installed and easily and efficiently adjusted to suit any changing requirements into the future. Dingo Rack's Cantilever can be used on a single side or double sided, depending on your requirements. Our cantilever products are available in two common finishes, powder-coated and hot-dipped galvanized. Galvanized cantilever is usually used for outdoor applications, compared to the powder-coated finish which is generally used indoors. Dingo Rack cantilever comes in varying heights and beam sizes, depending on your requirements.

Raised Storage Area

Raised storage areas are a great way of doubling your available floor area immediately. Raised storage areas are incredibly strong, utilizing pallet racking to incorporate a fully self-supported floor for extra storage. Our raised storage areas are designed for strength and longevity, with cost effectiveness in mind. Not only does a raised storage area increase floor size, it increases your available shelving by utilizing the floor supports for extra shelves. Dingo Rack's raised storage areas are a cost effective way to increase your available storage area. Ask for one of our Team to come to you for a free measure and quote.

Cool Room Shelving

Dingo Rack's cool room shelving is zinc plated to provide a rust resistant, smooth finish. The shelving is suitable for laundries, nurseries, freezers and cool rooms, just to name a few. All units come with adjustable feet and shelves so they can be customized to meet your requirements. Cool room shelves have a reinforced wire shelf design which prevents build-up of scum and dirt and allows faster cleaning times.

Gondola Shelving

Our range of gondola shelving is primarily used in retail situations. It is available with a number of hardware accessories that allow a wide range of applications.

Dingo Rack's Gondola shelving is available in single and double sided racks. Internal corner bays are also available with a bay width of 790mm across the back.

Metal Cabinets

Dingo's range of metal cabinets is designed for both office and workshop use.


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