phone (07) 4779 2693
phone (07) 4779 2693

Louvre Panel

Louvre panel kits and part boxes can be used to store anything from nuts and bolts to art and craft supplies. These handy bins use small amounts of wall space to effectively store your items in a unique and safe method.

There are many different size bins and hanging boards depending on what your specific needs are. The bins can be placed on mobile part trolleys giving ease of access to specific parts and you can relocate your storage solution as needed. Our Louvre Panels kits come in many different configurations in either 450mm high to 600mm high panels. We do sell the bins and panels individually so you can add to your existing range.

Plastic Parts Bin Sizes

Length Width Height
110mm 105mm 50mm
140mm 105mm 75mm
190mm 105mm 50mm
220mm 140mm 125mm
270mm 140mm 125mm
370mm 210mm 175mm
370mm 420mm 175mm

Panel Sizes Available

Height Width
450mm 450mm
600mm 450mm

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